• January 2020

  • Approved EU

    Effective date of EU VAT Quick Fixes (country-by-country implementation may vary)

    Approved AT

    Introduction of detailed recordkeeping obligations for Marketplaces relating to supplies made by third parties on their platforms (to be provided on request)

    Approved BG

    Abolishment of VAT registration threshold (BGN 50,000) for foreign taxpayers

    Approved CH

    Mandatory e-filing of VAT returns

    Approved FR

    Marketplaces to provide information on the transactions performed by their sellers

    Approved HU

    Bad debt relief in effect

    Approved LT

    Introduction of calendar quarter VAT reporting period for taxpayers with a yearly income below EUR 300,000 ( the i.SAF invoice registers are still to be filed on a monthly basis)

    Approved NO

    Introduction of mandatory SAF-T file format, summary to be provided upon the tax authorities' request

    Excise duties and VAT applicable to food, beverages, and other goods subject to Norwegian excise duties regardless of the value of the goods

  • Approved SI

    5% VAT rate will become applicable to printed and to electronic publications

    Approved HR

    The preparation and supply of meals, including desserts, inside and outside a catering facility will be subject to the 13% VAT rate

    Approved IE

    VAT rate for food supplement products will be increased to 13.5%

    Planned AT

    Supply of e-books and e-publications will be reduced to 10%

    Approved HU

    VAT on accommodation services from hotels, B&B and house sharing will be reduced from 18% to 5%

    Approved IT

    The reduced rate of 5% will be applicable to sales of feminine hygiene products; also, driving school tuition fees are no longer VAT exempt.

  • February 2020

  • Approved EU

    New ESL forms may be in effect in various countries due to the new call-off stock rules

    Approved RO

    Abolishment of mandatory split payment mechanism

  • There is no news (that we know of) for March 2020.
  • April 2020

  • Approved PL

    Bakery, confectionery products, printed books, e-books, tropical and citrus fruits will be subject to 5% VAT rate; The 8% VAT rate will become applicable to newspapers, specialist periodicals and numerous unprocessed spices

  • Approved BE

    Introduction of a new quarterly statistical summary: each member of a Belgian VAT group with an annual turnover of at least EUR 15 million to report to the National Bank of Belgium

    Planned GR

    Planned introduction of e-invoicing in April or July 2020

    Approved HU

    Launch of the RTIR 2.0 as obligatory for taxpayers

    Approved NL

    Introduction of re-defined "exporter" rule: it will no longer be possible for a person not established in the EU to be indicated in box 2 of the export declaration

    Approved NO

    Introduction of a simplified system applicable to importation of low-value goods sold via online sellers and marketplaces (VOSC system)

    Approved PL

    New JPK (VAT submission schema) in effect for all taxpayers

    Approved PT

    Introduction of mandatory B2G e-invoicing

    Approved UK

    MTD Phase 2 - no manual corrections or manipulations allowed after this date / suspension of penalties on late MTD filings ends

  • May 2020

  • Planned CZ

    10 % reduced VAT rate will be applicable, among others, to books, newspapers, catering services, repair and adaptation of clothing and textile articles

  • Approved IT

    Submission deadline of first quarterly Esterometro reports covering Q1 2020

  • There is no news (that we know of) for June 2020.
  • July 2020

  • Planned GR

    The application of the reduced VAT rates to the five islands Leros, Lesbos, Kos, Samos and Chios will be abolished

  • Approved HU

    Real-time Reporting scope extension: the current reporting threshold of HUF 100,000 will be abolished

    Approved IT

    Introduction of pre-prepared quarterly VAT communications for domestic taxpayers based on e-invoicing and Esterometro

    Approved PL

    New JPK (VAT submission schema) for all taxpayers

  • There is no news (that we know of) for August-November 2020.
  • December 2020

  • Planned UK

    UK to leave EU VAT regime under the Withdrawal Agreement

    Approved RO

    Standard Audit File for Tax purposes (SAF-T) to be introduced by the end of 2020

  • 2021

  • Approved EU

    New e-commerce VAT rules enter into force

    Approved HU

    Real-time Reporting scope extension: B2C transactions are to be reported as well

    Approved IT

    Introduction of pre-prepared VAT returns for domestic taxpayers based on e-invoicing and Esterometro

    Planned OM

    Planned introduction of VAT

    Planned PL

    Planned introduction of live VAT e-invoice reporting

    Planned PT

    Non-established VAT registered companies must adopt the certified invoicing software

  • Planned IT

    Planned VAT rise from the current 22% to 25% (Jan 2021), and then to 26.5% (Jan 2022)

  • 2022

  • Planned FR

    Based on current plans, all businesses would be able to benefit from the postponed import VAT accounting scheme in France.

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