Instant VAT calculation

You upload your data, we calculate your VAT amounts within minutes.

1 Data provision You can upload transaction files manually, or choose automatic data provision where your data will be extracted directly from Amazon each month as soon as it’s available.
2 Data crunching Upon having your data, we crunch it and check whether it’s correct and consistent. We run multilayered tests to verify format, inline consistency and contextual reliability.
3 You finetune what we found Before we finalize your VAT amounts, we let you make some last adjustments – add missing information, confirm the taxation country and provide your B2B sales in the given period.
4 Overview calculated amounts The calculated amounts are listed by countries and you only have to revise them. Upon approval you will receive the payment instructions. Should you disagree, you can restart or finetune the data upload.
5 We submit your returns Once assured of your confirmation, we will submit the returns to the relevant tax authorities. All the work is taken off your shoulder till the beginning of the next month.

Deadline management

Forget about different reporting liabilities in each country.

No deadline is missed any longer Using an adaptive deadline management tool, we make sure that no deadline is missed.
Work once, submit multiple times The robust tax engine splits your single data source into all required submission files, so you don’t have to perform repeated data uploads.
Worldwide tax and language knowledge base Our multilingual staff continuously develops our knowledge pool making sure we have awareness of all legal and procedural changes in the affected markets.

Threshold Calculator

We can monitor your data and warn you when you exceed the thresholds.

With the booming e-commerce industry it has never been easier to lose focus of your VAT reporting obligations and keep track of your sales volumes in the various countries.

Using our smart analytics features, like the Threshold Calculator you can leave it to us to stay on top of your sales volumes and make sure timely measures are taken to avoid late registration and late submission penalties in the affected jurisdictions.


A VAT compliance kit that empowers you to sell MORE

At Taxually we combine instant calculation with rigorous deadline management and threshold monitoring to make sure you remain VAT compliant at all times. All packaged in our state of the art user interface, Taxually makes VAT compliance easier than ever before.