A little about who we are

Taxes are boring. Accounting departments and providers are slow to develop and use very little technology to power their operations. So we decided to build a company from scratch that, with slick technology and a relentless focus on great client service, would reinvent how companies interact with VAT — for the better.

We will not stop with VAT...

Our culture

We deeply believe in hiring great people and trusting them to do great work. We don’t offer baroque job titles or set up rigid reporting lines. Instead we build our team through trust, equality and fairness, giving our people autonomy and freedom to achieve their highest potential, and of course making VAT compliance easier than ever before.

We are not always right but we learn from our mistakes, support them with data and reason, so next time we do a lot better.

From tax specialists to IT developers, we hire overachievers with the entrepreneurial spirit and the can-do attitude necessary for building a business. We are very selective about who we hire. We make sure that we train the smartest, most ambitious and motivated young professionals from different parts of the world.

What we look for

We're looking for an Office administrator to help our Budapest office remain neat, tidy and organized. From client mails to tax authority notifications we need to make sure we stay on top of all arriving mail - that's where you come in.

What you'll be doing

Task descriptions can be sometimes very limiting, however we still have to give you a few hints on what you are expected do at Taxually, so here we go:

  • Registering received mail
  • Organizing physical documents in the required folders
  • Forwarding tax notifications to internal stakeholders
  • Compiling VAT registration packages in various jurisdictions
  • Arranging post to be sent to different stakeholders

What skills will be useful

With the right attitude there is nothing you can’t achieve. Nevertheless, bringing the following fundamental skills may help you succeed in your role at Taxually:

  • Office management experience is a plus
  • English and other European language is an asset
  • Basic mobile and computer literacy will help you get along with our tools
  • Diligence and making sure everything is immaculate

What you can count on

You'll get to work in one of the hottest tax technology startups in the world right now. You'll receive excellent training and guidance from our team members who believe in what Taxually stands for. The type of person who works here is driven, motivated, empowered and proud. Hopefully, you will feel so good at Taxually that the competitive salary, free coffee and an eco-friendly office space won’t even matter.

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